Å hete Mary… egentlig


Foto: Frédéric Boudin, TekstLab Scratch Festival 2014, Cafeteatret

«To have the name Mary … » is a performance wich explores experiences related to identity from multiple perspectives with humor and distance through motion, sound & text, on how to handle and be with feelings and memories in meeting suprising challenging questions also from the audience. The project researches in highlighting the «turmoil» and the inner dialogue – the complex we all carry in us – that might manifests itself in such confrontations. The project creates a staging research setting that highlights specific issues with adoption, while also shedding light on the completely universal.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-07 kl. 16.27.59cropped-deichman-3.pngFoto: Hilde Hannah Buvik fra Bevegelse i Grenseland Deichmanske bibliotek23023565_10159604669505512_808332658_nFoto: Christina Violeta Thrane Storsved, TekstLab Scratch Festival 2017