Embryology project – Olive Bieringa og Otto Ramstad


Will use movement and touch as the doorways into our collective embryological history.  Our understanding of the first eight weeks of life after conception is rapidly evolving. In this period, some of the tissues and structures remain with us, some are transformed, and some fade into the background.

Research towards a new dance work has begun as part of Mind the Gap in Oslo in November 2017 with Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn, Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad.  We will continue work at the Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota in summer 2018 with the support of Weisman Art Museum, and the Minnesota State Arts Board.

At the Wesiman we will bring  together dancers, medical students and the public to engage in embodied research of embryonic development through study, hands on practice and movement exploration.  The theoretical knowledge of the medical students and the embodied knowledge of the dancers will merge as they deepen their understanding of embryology through the collective construction of a circle dance form. This dance will progress from the embryological journey of two cells to conscious being with everyone embodying these transforming structures. We will work with the facts of biology, with the first-person experiential messiness of everyone in the room, and generate a process that is wildly creative and deeply tangible. The dance will practiced in public space, and community participants are invited to join in to learn and to contribute to the form, offering a gateway into their own embryonic experience.

As our research continues we will create a larger dance work for the theater or museum which will premiere in 2019.