Eksprimentering Menneskedyret 25 FEBRUAR 2018
«After my research project the human animal in 2014, I would like to open more and invite more people to explore the human animal – in yourself, in each other, in relationships between us. The discoveries and research on my own humananimal are among other things the basic of some of the inputs I picked out as tools and thoughts i wish to investigate. I would like to share and take part in open, reflected, and mutually evolving experiments with you.
RESEARCH in your own body expression?
REVIEW how we influence each other?
Be STILL and investigate what we hear in our own and others thoughts? GIVE attention to our collective communications?
How is it like to BE TOgether?
How to honor ALONE INFRONT OF ?How is it to be YOU in front of others?
How is it to be YOU when you see the other? How is the your humananimal?

Skjermbilde 2017-10-07 kl. 17.15.29

Skjermbilde 2017-10-07 kl. 17.15.18




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