A song To… Mia Habib




A song to… by Mia Habib is the choreography of a mass movement in both senses of the word: the Norwegian choreographer brings 16 professional dancers and up to 30 non-professionals onto the stage, choreographing their naked bodies as pure materiality.

In a critical engagement with mass protests, concepts of monumental art as a political instrument and research into swarm intelligence, Mia Habib stages the multiplicity of the bodies as a critical mass: representation, overpowering and mass dynamics, but also singularity and isolation. In this setting, the audience is presented with ambivalent mass dynamics and bodies which purposefully refuse singular interpretations, which the choreography draws on. Running and falling, moving in circles and sculptural tableaus, the bodies – which are permanently transforming and taking on new forms which are at turns animalistic, artificial, sacral or object-like – receive new ascriptions of meaning. The nudity performs the supposed naturalness of bodies, and exposes the naked truth of what it means to be human, where the question of whether we are looking at a human, an object or an animal loses all importance.

AS A TIGER IN THE JUNGLE – Ali Williams Production, Sverre Waage


«There was a tiger in the jungle behind her mother’s house.

«Crocodiles were hiding in the muddy river. Human sharks passed by in lorries on their way to India, leaving behind a trail of lost children.»

Nepalese artists perform their deeply personal story of being trafficked into the circus industry as young children, using the means of their enslavement to speak against it. Circus, spoken word, movement and ceremony are used to show how, against all odds, Renu Ghalan and Aman Tamang (from Nepal’s Circus Kathmandu) survived their childhood and created their own destiny. Linh TP Hoang, a Vietnamese-Norwegian circus performance artist, joins them in an inspiring, authentic, raw and heart-warming performance about life and circus, entertainment and reflection.

Produced through an international partnership between artistic directors from renowned companies NoFit State and Circus Xanti, As a Tiger in the Jungle will be a unique theatrical circus experience.

Supported by Nofitstate, Pontio, Baerum Kulturhus, Porsgrunn International Theater Festival, Black-E, ChoraChori Nepal




Eksprimentering Menneskedyret 25 FEBRUAR 2018
«After my research project the human animal in 2014, I would like to open more and invite more people to explore the human animal – in yourself, in each other, in relationships between us. The discoveries and research on my own humananimal are among other things the basic of some of the inputs I picked out as tools and thoughts i wish to investigate. I would like to share and take part in open, reflected, and mutually evolving experiments with you.
RESEARCH in your own body expression?
REVIEW how we influence each other?
Be STILL and investigate what we hear in our own and others thoughts? GIVE attention to our collective communications?
How is it like to BE TOgether?
How to honor ALONE INFRONT OF ?How is it to be YOU in front of others?
How is it to be YOU when you see the other? How is the your humananimal?

Skjermbilde 2017-10-07 kl. 17.15.29

Skjermbilde 2017-10-07 kl. 17.15.18



Grønland-Makedonien – Marte Aas



HD video, 18 minutes
Director: Marte Aas
Cinematography: Hilde Malme/Marte Aas
Editing: Kirsti Marie Hougen/Marte Aas
Screenplay: Per Schreiner
Sound design: Merete Mongstad/Marte Aas
Cast: Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn and Øyvind Hatvik

Grønland-Makedonien is a film about bus route 151, which departs from Oslo Bus Terminal, located in the Grønland district of central Oslo. In this area, the demographic changes in our society are visible: a high proportion of immigrants as well as a high population density. From this starting point, the bus wends its way westward through prosperous residential areas in both Oslo and Bærum: Sjølyst, Lysaker, Høvik and Blommenholm, before ending up in the housing estates of Kolsås and Rykkinn in West Bærum. Built as affordable housing in the 1970s, the area is now sometimes referred to as Bærum’s East End. Grønland – Makedonien is a journey through scenes of social, demographic and cultural diversity.

The film’s protagonist is a young woman who, in the absence of anything better to do, catches this bus every day. She tells her story while observing life on the bus: people embarking and disembarking, looking out of the window, being bored, waiting, making mobile phone calls and talking to other passengers. In parallel with this, we see the progress of the bus as it moves through different urban, suburban and rural landscapes, and the changing seasons.

Commissioned by Henie Onstad Kunstsenter for the exhibition Utopia Bærum.



Dans 5/ årvollgård


Dans5 is a dance project and performance venue for newly established dance artists in Norway. The goal of the project is to provide a professional framework for young freelancers to create and perform work, as well as build community and bridge connections within and across the dance community. Five projects are chosen through a simple application process, and together form a full length performance: «Dans/5».  Dans5 was established in 2011 and is a yearly happening. 2018 will mark the seventh run of the project. Initiator, producer and project manager is Caroline Skjørshammer

«Egentlig …»


Egentlig …

av Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Documentary text about experiences of being moved on, get a fresh start,to not know your plast in new surroundings. Through several different stories about being adopted explored what is alike and what distinguishes the experience from each other. Project identity; conflicts and feelings of the child. What it means to resemble, be like others or to feel differently? What is family and belonging? Adoption what is it and how to Day something from different perspectives; the child’s own feelings and experiences of being adopted and how the child is seen by society / the others.

Dokumentarisk tekst om erfaringer og opplevelser av å bli adoptert, flyttet på, få en ny start, nye rammer. Gjennom flere ulike adopsjonshistorier utforskes hva som er likt og hva som skiller erfaringene fra hverandre. Prosjekt om identitet; konflikter og følelser hos det adopterte barnet. Hva det vil si å ligne på, være lik andre eller å føle seg annerledes? Hva er familie og tilhørighet? Adopsjon fra ulike perspektiver; barnets egne følelser og opplevelser av å bli adoptert og hvordan barnet blir sett av samfunnet/de andre.

Etter visningen blir det en åpen samtale med publikum

Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Medskapende scenekunstnere:
Cecilie Lindeman Steen
Daniel Rodrigo Nilsen
Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn
Julian Skar
Shanti Brahmachari
Uma Feed Tjelta
Uma Isabelle Schanke (TekstLab Unge Stemmer)

Julian Skar

Manouchehr Darakhshanfar

Teksten er utviklet som et samarbeid mellom alle medvirkende i prosjektet
«Egentlig …» er en del av prosjektet «politics of identity», støttet av Norsk Kulturråd